Replacement Health Insurance

No longer covered by an employee benefits package? Don’t stress; we’re here to help.

From retiring to launching your own business, we know leaving a job can interrupt your everyday wellness plan and cause unnecessary stress as you start a new adventure. Make your transition as smooth as possible with one of our Replacement Health Coverage plans. They’re bundled to include coverage for prescription drugs, glasses and contacts, dental, travel and more. And with guaranteed acceptance and no medical questions, enrolling is seamless and hassle-free.

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We offer three options to support you on your new adventure.


PremierPlan is the best plan to cover your current and future health care needs, no matter what. Whether you’re changing jobs, starting a new venture or retiring, this plan allows you to adapt to your new lifestyle without having to lose the health benefits coverage you’re used to, guaranteed.

Benefits include:

  • Prescription drugs, including ones for current health conditions
  • Dental
  • Emergency medical travel coverage

This plan is called “Premier” for a reason – it provides the most complete coverage available and allows you to take care of your family even when your employment situation changes. It provides up to $2,500 per year for prescriptions and 100 per cent coverage for services such as massage and physio. It covers your everyday and emergency medical needs and offers our highest benefit for eye exams and glasses. Emergency medical travel coverage is included for trips up to 15 days outside of Canada and 183 days within Canada.

Check out the chart below for a full list of benefits and to compare your options.


This plan covers all you need to live well.

Benefits include:

  • Prescription drugs, including ones for current health conditions
  • Glasses and contacts
  • Emergency medical travel coverage

With this plan you can be in control of your own health, without costing you a fortune. ChoicePlan provides benefit coverage for a wide variety of health needs, from prescriptions to dental to emergency hospital stays.

With this plan you’ll get up to $1,250 per year for prescriptions and 80% coverage for services such as acupuncture and chiro. You’ll also get a generous benefit for preferred hospital rooms and private-duty nursing. Plus, you get emergency medical travel coverage for an unlimited number of trips up to seven days outside of Canada and 183 days within Canada. The best part of this plan is the comfort in knowing you can keep your loved ones healthy and happy.

Check out the chart below for a full list of benefits and to compare your options.


This plan covers the essentials that aren’t part of a government health plan and allows you to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits include:

  • Eye exams and glasses
  • Chiro, naturopath and massage treatments
  • Dental

This plan will help keep you covered as your health needs change. Covering a wide number of needs that aren’t covered by government insurance, you can keep yourself and your family protected, no matter what.

Plan for emergencies

EssentialPlan covers the added costs of an emergency, from ambulance rides, both road and air, to the cost of medical equipment such as crutches or wheelchairs. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about anything other than the important things during an emergency.

Check out the chart below for a list of full plan benefits and to compare your options.

Guaranteed acceptance so you don’t have to worry

Life is full of exciting changes, and we want to make sure you can enjoy them. If you’re leaving a group benefits plan, we’re happy to offer you guaranteed acceptance for our Replacement Health Coverage. We won’t even bother you with pesky medical questions – all you have to do is apply and we’ll get you started!

Our plans complement your lifestyle.

We do our best to make your life easy.

  • Pharmacies, dentists as well as health and vision practitioners (ex. Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Optometrist) can directly bill us for covered expenses, no need for you to submit a claim. See our eClaims Provider Locator to find health and vision service providers near you.
  • Send us your claim online and sign up for direct deposit, so you can get your money back faster.
  • Get discounts on eyewear at Factory Optical and Optiks International. Find out more >
  • Search our Prescription Drug Lookup Tool to find out which drugs are covered under your plan.

Let's compare your options.




Prescription Drugs

Dental Care

Accidental Dental

Private Duty Nursing

Preferred Hospital Room

Custom Made Foot Orthotics & Orthopedic Shoes

Health Practitioners

Vision Care

Hearing Aids

Ground & Air Ambulance

Funeral Expenses

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Wheelchairs, Motorized Scooters & Adjustable Beds

Artificial Limbs, Eyes & Larynx

Breast Prosthesis

Annual Travel

See More

This is a summary of benefits. Please refer to the policy wording for complete details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both our Replacement Health and Personal Health products offer coverage of health care costs not covered by the government. They’ve got similar benefits, but Replacement Health plans are only to people losing coverage from a group benefits plan.

If you’re eligible to apply for Replacement Health, we offer guaranteed acceptance, no medical questions asked. That means your premium won’t be affected by health conditions you might have developed while covered under your group benefits plan. We’ve also packaged our Replacement Health plans to provide similar benefits to most group benefits plans so you can keep doing the things that make you healthy.

You can also apply for one of our Personal Health plans if you’re leaving a group plan. These plans are designed to give you choice and flexibility when it comes to which benefits you’d like to include.

To be eligible for coverage under a Replacement Health Plan, you must set up your plan within 60 days of losing coverage from a group benefits plan.

Upgrading from one Replacement Health Plan to another is not allowed. But you can downgrade your plan when it renews.

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