Submitting Trip Cancellation & InterruptionInsurance Claims

Before you start, there’s a few things you should know:

  • GMS is secondary payor and in excess of all other insurance coverage or amounts recoverable by any other party. We ask that, if you haven’t yet submitted through all other parties, that you do that prior to submitting your claim to us. Other coverages including but not limited to:
    • Your travel supplier (i.e. airline, tour company, cruise ship).
    • Credit card company travel or purchase protection benefits.
    • Private, provincial or territorial auto plans.
  • If your travel supplier has offered a voucher/credit for the total value of your cancelled trip, it’s considered a full refund under your Trip Cancellation Plan. Because a full refund is available in voucher/credit form, there is no cost to be recovered and a claim cannot be made.
  • Disputes over refunds and vouchers/credits should be directed to your travel service provider, transportation carrier, or to the Canadian Transport Agency.
  • In order to expedite the claim process, please ensure to provide as much trip detail as possible and include an itemize list of the trip costs, any refunds and/or credits you have received and the amount you are claiming.

Step 1:

Once you’ve received a cancellation confirmation and refund decision from your travel supplier or credit card company, please download the GMS Trip Cancellation and Interruption Claim Form. A completed claim form must be submitted within 12 months. Make sure to include the following documents:

If your trip was cancelled, please provide proof of the following:

  • Payment - documents that include date of purchase, amounts of deposits, and final payment details
  • Cancellation
  • Cause of cancellation
  • Original booking confirmation with your itinerary
  • Travel supplier’s refund and change fee policy
  • Copy of death certificate (if applicable)
  • Written rental contract for the submitted expense (if applicable)

If your trip was interrupted, please provide proof of the following:

  • Travel dates
  • Payment for all submitted expenses
  • Claim with transportation carrier
  • The police report (if applicable)
  • Include an itemize list of the trip costs, any refunds and/or credits you have received, cost of new flights or changes to existing flights and the amount you are claiming.

Step 2:

Email your completed claim form with receipts and supporting documentation to

Please note, sending in your claim by email will save you time. But if you’re unable to, please use the mailing address located at the top of the claim form.