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Give our Prescription Drug Lookup Tool a try. That way, you know if you’re covered before you buy, and there won’t be any unwelcomed surprises at the pharmacy.

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Our Prescription Drug Lookup Tool includes more than twice the number of drugs available under health plans that follow provincial drug lists. It includes the drugs that receive up to 80% coverage under our Replacement Health plans. Drugs that don't appear in the lookup tool may still be covered up to 50%. If you can’t find your drug, contact us.

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Tier 1 drugs are covered at 80% generic, Tier 2 drugs are covered at 50% generic. Subject to exclusions and limitations set out in the policy.

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There are many ways to stretch your benefit dollars. Here are a few tips:

Stick to our Prescription Drug Lookup Tool. Your plan covers up to 80% of the cost of these drugs, so you'll pay less for each prescription.

Use your public plan first. Apply for Government-funded programs before tapping into your GMS benefit.

Reduce dispensing fees. Dispensing fees come out of your benefit, so look for pharmacies that charge less to administer your drugs.

Ask to be prescribed generic. Generic drugs cost about 75% less than their brand name equivalent. You'll be able to submit more prescriptions each year if you go with generic.

Use your pay-direct card. Some drug, dental, vision and health providers will bill us directly for their services, saving you from paying out-of-pocket.

You might be wondering...

A generic drug is essentially a copy of a brand-name drug whose patent has expired. To be approved by Health Canada, a generic drug must have the same quality, purity, effectiveness and safety as the brand name. And it must contain the same amount of medicinal ingredients. On average, generic drugs cost about 75% less than the brand name because generic drug manufacturers don't have to invest in research and development.

If there's a generic available, coverage is based on that price. Be sure to work with your doctor or pharmacist to determine if there's a generic drug that will work for you - it's the best way to stretch your benefit dollars.

The Prescription Drug Lookup Tool includes the drugs that have been found to be the most effective and affordable on the market. If your drug doesn't appear in the lookup tool, a suitable replacement should be. You can work with your doctor or pharmacist to determine if there's a drug on the list that will work for you.

To be covered for some high-cost prescription drugs, you're required to get pre-approval from us before taking that drug. This allows us to confirm the drug is being taken to treat a condition it was created for and that less expensive alternatives have been considered. The Prescription Drug Lookup Tool lists any drugs requiring a Prior Authorization Form. To make this process as easy as possible, print off the Prior Authorization Form before heading to the doctor.