Frequently Asked Questions aboutReplacement Health Insurance

Upgrading from one Replacement Health Plan to another is not allowed. But you can downgrade your plan when it renews.

To be eligible for coverage under a Replacement Health Plan, you must set up your plan within 90 days of losing coverage from a group benefits plan.

Both our Replacement Health and Personal Health products offer coverage of health care costs not covered by the government. They’ve got similar benefits, but Replacement Health plans are only available to people losing coverage from a group benefits plan.

If you’re eligible to apply for Replacement Health, we offer guaranteed acceptance, no medical questions asked. That means your premium won’t be affected by health conditions you might have developed while covered under your group benefits plan. We’ve also packaged our Replacement Health plans to provide similar benefits to most group benefits plans so you can keep doing the things that make you healthy.

You can also apply for one of our Personal Health plans if you’re leaving a group plan. These plans are designed to give you choice and flexibility when it comes to which benefits you’d like to include.

Your policy wording and reasonable and customary limits are available under the Policies & Resources section on the right-hand side of your My GMS account

If you have an existing medical condition or you develop one before you travel, we need to know it won’t cause you any troubles while you’re away from home. We consider a medical condition stable if your condition or treatment hasn't changed for a period of time before you travel. See your policy wording for the specifics. 

A medical emergency is a disease, illness or injury that could not be predicted and needs immediate medical attention.