There are a lot of details you have to take care of before embarking on any type of trip - make sure you have your all of your requisite pieces of identification, you've packed your bags and you've made copies of your medical health insurance cards. But these small(ish) details get even more important when you're traveling to a foreign country … halfway, almost all the way, around the world.

So, for travelers preparing to travel from Asia to a Canada, we've compiled a few tips to make your visit a bit easier and a whole lot less stressful.

1. Travel guides are your friends.

Unless you're visiting friends or family in Canada, or have previously lived in the country, having a travel guide firmly tucked in your bag will likely be a big boon. In addition to containing maps and information about whichever region or city's attraction you're visiting, it will also offer you some guidance on where to stay, what to eat and how to avoid some of the less-desirable wildlife (think: bears).

2.   Get specific with the weather.

Canada is a huge country. Yes, it gets cold in the winter, but did you know that despite being so far north, the Maritime Provinces get humid in the summer? If you're going to Nova Scotia, though, expect much more temperate climes, unless you're visiting in the winter, of course. Then, it's time pack your snow boots and some really thick gloves.

"You can make purchases with American currency."

3.   You can get by without Canadian currency.

Yes, you read that correctly. While the shops would be hard-pressed to accept notes and coins for Asian countries, you can make purchases with American currency, explains USA Today. So, if you have any dollars or other American bills stashed away from previous trips, pack them in your suitcase. Canada will accept them!

4.   Respect the environment.

Canadians hold Mother Nature in high esteem and have gone to great lengths to protect the natural beauty and wildlife found across their country. That means, unless you see a recycling or rubbish bin, you better hold onto trash. Littering or throwing trash out of a car window isn't acceptable for any reason.

5.   Save for sales tax!

The final amount you pay for any items you buy while in Canada is not the price you see on the tag. Sales tax will be added at the register to the price of any items you purchase, so make sure to always have a little more money than you think you need.

Make sure to tip  when eating out in Canada.Make sure to add gratuity to the bill.

6.   Make sure to tip when you're in restaurants

While other countries may have a tradition of including gratuity on the bill, this habit is uncommon in Canada. When you're eating out on vacation, you'll want to make sure to tip your servers, suggests TripAdvisor. Unsure how to tip? Add 15-20 per cent on the total bill for good service, 25 per cent for exceptional and 5-10 per cent for poor service.