Get ready for big bear hugs and embarrassing stories, because Father's Day is June 19. If you're looking for a nice thing to do for dad on his special day that isn't gifting him a tie or a card, here are some ideas that he will love.


Get Outside

Father's Day is the ideal time of year for outdoor activities. With long days and reasonable temperatures, it's just begging for a sojourn out of doors. Get out to the nearest hiking trail and take advantage of the sunlight while you can. Be sure to bring a camera, that way it's a double gift; everyone gets to enjoy the great outdoors together, and later your dad can enjoy a nice photo of his family spending time with him on Father's Day.



"Where is the rule that bouquets are just for mom?"

Buy Him Flowers

Where is the rule that bouquets are just for mom? Ask any man who has ever received flowers: He will tell you what a wonderful surprise it was. Buck gender stereotypes this year and get dad a nice floral arrangement, it will be unexpected and he will definitely know that someone is sending good thoughts his way. If that's not convincing, flowers often have hidden symbolism. You could give him an orchid, a symbol of love and strength, or a money tree, a symbol of prosperity, or you could just get him sunflowers because they're pretty.

Have a Movie Night

If there's a movie he always talks about but never seems to watch, the perfect Father's Day gift is the one that comes in the form of celluloid. Grab the popcorn and program the DVD player, then sit down together and indulge in classic cinema.If he's a true movie addict, consider going all out with a rented projector, comfy seats and those big boxes of candy. He can see his favorite film in style, and nobody will get mad if he talks during the movie.

Bake Him His Favorite

You probably know people love cookies, so if you have the skill set, go for broke and get baking. If you don't know a chocolate chip from a potato chip, you can buy ready-made cookie dough - and instead of eating it straight from the tube, you can bake it in an oven. It's true; all you need is a baking sheet! Any dad will appreciate a baked good, whether it's homemade cookies or "homemade" cookies. Whatever you choose to do for your dad, what he wants most is time with you. Reach out and let him know that he is on your mind. You will make his day.