Gearing up for summer? We sure are! If you’re looking for travel ideas, this post is for you. We’re talking about glamping.

Camping isn’t for everyone. Between the gear involved, booking a site and packing all the necessities it can be a lot of work. And maybe the idea of sleeping in a thin tent or using a shared outdoor bathroom really doesn’t appeal to you. But if these are the things keeping you out of the woods, don’t look past camping altogether. Instead, consider glamping. It might be just the thing to get you out into the great outdoors this summer.

What is Glamping?

If you’re not familiar, glamping = glam + camping. Think of an upscale camping experience that includes key features of camping with a heavy dose of luxury and the perks of a hotel stay. You’ll still be outside sleeping in a tent or cabin, but it will likely include an indoor bathroom with beds closer to the real thing than a sleeping bag on the ground. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for how enhanced these camping experiences can be. Many ‘campgrounds’ are actually resorts that offer experiences in addition to your glamping accommodations.

Depending on where you go and the ‘resort’ you pick, your glamping experience will look a bit different. But the ‘leveled-up’ camping experience is one thing you can count on. You can opt for a super exclusive and luxurious experience if your budget allows or keep it simpler while still getting that glamping experience with a more affordable glamping resort.

So if you’re looking for a Canadian escape this summer, want to be outside but aren’t quite ready or interested in a traditional camping experience, glamping might be the answer for your vacation. There are amazing options across the country, but here are some or our favourites:

Glamping BC

Nimmo Bay Resort - $$$

This glamping resort consists of cabins on British Columbia’s rugged coastline. Only accessible by plane (including sea plane) and boat, it provides a secluded and picturesque setting for travellers looking for a true West Coast experience. While definitely a more expensive glamping resort option, it truly offers the best of BC glamping.

Flow Wilderness Retreat - $$

Another location accessible by boat only, this glamping BC resort is located on ​​Quathiaski Cove on an island just off the mainland of BC.

Glamping Alberta

Sundance Lodges by Basecamp - $$

Located just an hour outside of Calgary in Kananaskis, Sundance Lodges by Basecamp offers upscale trapper tents in a beautiful setting for visitors looking to get a backcountry glamping experience. You’ll want to plan ahead though as the tents book up fast. The site also includes a trading post for goods and regular camping sites if you can’t snag a tent.  

Mount Engadine Lodge - $$

Another glamping Alberta option in Kananaskis is Mount Engadine Lodge, located in Spray Lakes Provincial Park. Outside of its traditional lodge offering, it also has glamping tents with beautiful mountain views, fireplaces and indoor showers.

Glamping Saskatchewan

Flora Bora Forest Lodging - $$

Experience what glamping Saskatchewan has to offer at Flora Bora Forest Lodging, featuring yurt accommodations near Emma Lake. This glamping resort offers next-level tents in the form of yurts that include full-sized beds and sitting areas for guests, all set in the beautiful setting near the lake and nestled in the forest. Emma Lake is a two-hour drive from Saskatoon.

Camp Wolf Willow - $

A budget friendly option for glamping two hours from Saskatoon, Camp Wolf Willow offers glamping teepees and tents on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot, Plains Cree and Sioux peoples by the South Saskatchewan River. In addition to its solar-powered glamping tents, the site also offers a winery for those who want to pair glamping and wine.

Glamping Ontario

Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat - $$

If you’re in Ontario this summer and looking to book a glamping experience, look no further than Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat in Northumberland County, Ontario. This retreat offers king beds instead of sleeping bags and wine glasses instead of canteens. Are we speaking your language? This could be the spot for you. It’s located about a two hours’ drive east of Toronto.

Outpost Co. - $$$

Working with a bigger budget? Consider Outpost Co., an upscale cabin retreat in Chiniguchi Waterway Provincial Park on Lake Maskinonge in northern Ontario. This retreat offers a full outdoor experience for travellers, from canoe trips, float planes, guided nature walks and more. It’s ideal for those who want the glamping and the adventure. It’s an hours’ flight from Toronto, so factor in the cost of getting there too.

Glamp in Canada this Summer with Travel Insurance

Wherever your glamping adventures take you this summer, be sure to plan for the unexpected. Even if you’re just heading to the province next door, it’s important to have travel insurance while you’re away from home. Our Emergency Medical Travel plans help cover the costs of unplanned medical care outside of your home province, while our Trip Cancellation coverage helps with the cost of unforeseen cancellations and changes to travel plans. Learn more about our travel options today!