Making sure your child has all the essential back-to-school items can certainly be overwhelming. Did you remember to get the right coloured folders? Are those notebooks you picked up college or wide-ruled? While there are plenty of essential items your child needs for his or her classes, there are many types of accessories and products that are often forgotten about that can help improve a student's performance. Here are some of the more overlooked, yet essential items that should be on your child's back-to-school supply list:

USB flash drive

The days of writing with pencil and paper of slowly coming to an end, and most schools are beginning to implement technology-driven coursework. If your child is having to use the computer to work on documents or projects, it's always a good idea to buy a few USB flash drives so they can save all their files onto it. You can find a variety of these devices in different storage sizes, and smaller sized USB flash drives are inexpensive. These are also great for students who don't have a printer at home, as you can simply save the paper onto the flash drive and upload it onto a computer at school to print. The only setback for your child after he or she has a USB flash drive? No more blaming the dog for eating homework.

USB flash drives are the essential way to save your child's computer homework or projects. USB flash drives are the essential way to save your child's computer homework or projects.

Security accessories

With all the focus on folders and backpacks, it's easy to overlook having a few ways to protect these essential school items. If your child has a locker, always remember to buy him or her a padlock to safely secure all their belongings. You might also need one for gym class as well. For children who ride their bike to school, be sure to buy a few bike locks to ensure that no unfortunate theft issues will arise. These types of security accessories will help put you and your child's mind at ease after purchasing a fancy new backpack or bicycle.

Correction fluid or tape

Every student is bound to make a mistake or two throughout the school year. Whether it's noticing a spelling error or realizing an equation is wrong, make sure your child is ready to fix these blunders with some correction fluid or tape. Not only do these essential back-to-school items provide assistance when reprinting or erasing are no longer an option, but fixing that minor error may just make the difference between a B-plus and an A-minus.

Index cards

From memorizing important facts and dates for an upcoming test or reviewing various mathematical equations, nothing helps students remember essential information like using index cards. This old school approach to enhancing memorization will never lose its place as an effective learning tool, and stacking up on index cards for your child's school year will ensure they have the means to study hard.

"Stain removing pens can help out in the lunch room or art class."

Stain removing pen

Accidents at school certainly aren't limited to tests or homework. Whether your kid has a spill in the lunchroom or gets carried away with a paintbrush in art class, make sure you provide him or her up with stain removing pens to try and erase any unwanted blemishes.