Taking a vacation with your family is always fun, especially if you're going to a snowy destination. However, packing improperly can dampen the excitement of a trip. To make sure you're all set for your snow holiday, here are some tips to use while packing:

Choose easily layered clothes

Since you're going somewhere with snow on the ground, it's safe to assume the weather is going to be cold. With this in mind, choose clothes from your wardrobe that can easily be layered, like thermal shirts and long underwear. These garments will give you extra protection against the cold and keep you comfortable as you enjoy cold weather activities.

Place essentials in your carry-on

If you're flying to your cold-weather destination, then make sure you pack trip essentials in your carry-on. Unfortunately, airlines occasionally lose passenger bags, or the luggage can be delayed. By placing essential items, such as a change of clothes and toiletries, inside your carry-on, you'll at least have a few things with you to make it through the day until you can replace your lost luggage. Knowing your luggage could be lost should also encourage you to get travel insurance before your trip - this includes trip cancellation insurance. This way, you'll not only be covered if your items are misplaced, but you'll also be protected if you need to cancel your flight at the last minute.

Get water-resistant outerwear

When snow melts it turns to water, and if your gloves and coat are not waterproof, they'll quickly become soaked. This might be all right if you were only going outside for a day, but if your trip spans a week, you're going to want outerwear that doesn't take all night to dry. Avoid the frustration of dealing with damp gloves and hats by finding options that are water resistant.

A woman smiling as snow falls down around her. Choose outerwear that'll keep you warm and dry during your snow holiday.

Avoid over packing

Overpacking is always a danger when you're taking a trip. However, you can minimize your risk by only packing one pair of bulky items. For example, if you're going somewhere snowy to ski, you only need to bring one pair of ski pants and one jacket with you. These items will take up enough room by themselves, so don't feel like you need to bring a bunch of them. If you're doing something else besides skiing, you should consider what items you can cut back on.

Pack important accessories

After you've loaded up your essentials, don't forget to pack important accessories such as sunglasses, sunscreen and wool socks. Snow holidays are beautiful, but the white landscape is highly reflective. This can blind you if you're not wearing the right eye gear, and it can also give you a good burn. Apply plenty of sunscreen before you step outside each day. In addition, your extremities can easily become frozen in these frigid temperatures, and no one enjoys numb toes. Pack a few pairs of wool socks to don when you go outside for snowy activities.