Being a mom is a full-time job, often on top of another job and numerous obligations. Sounds tiring, right? While all of the things moms do are born from love, that doesn't mean she's not yearning for some time to relax or be pampered.

So why not plan to help mothers everywhere - or if you're a mother, help yourself - indulge in some downtime? Whether the moms in your life are outdoorsy, a bit offbeat or lovers of the finer things, there's an activity out there that's sure to please, and if you're hard up for ideas, check out our list of things to do on Mother's Day:

Whip her up breakfast in bed

Who doesn't love waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, sizzling bacon or muffins fresh out of the oven? Even better? Having it brought to you on a beautifully made-up tray with flowers, a newspaper or, even better, a summer novel. Breakfast in bed helps start Mother's Day off right by letting the moms in your life know that this will be a time in which they get waited on. So, dust off your best server's uniform; it's time to go to work for the ladies you love.

Take Mom out for brunch

"On Mother's Day, dessert should be served with every meal."

Maybe you're not the best cook, or you always end up burning the coffee. If so, breakfast in bed is unlikely to be a winning idea for a relaxing day for anyone. Why not, instead, take your mother, wife, grandmother, friend, etc. out to her favorite dining spot for brunch? With good weather, take the time to sit outside, enjoying the sun. Rain or shine, though, you can treat your mother to a mimosa or virgin breakfast cocktail, while people-watching and reminiscing about old times. At the end of the meal, don't forget to order something sweet! On Mother's Day, dessert should be served with every meal.

Book a spa day

The ultimate in relaxation? That would be a day of massages, pedicures and manicures, some time in the sauna and hours upon hours spent in those big, cushy robes. If booking a spa day is outside of your budget, don't worry! You can recreate the experience at home. Wrap up in comfy robes, slice some cucumbers for the eyes and fill tubs of water with epsom salts for your mom's feet. Voila! Spa day, custom created! In fact, if you added some treats - think fruits, cheeses and other delicious snacks - you could transform your Mother's Day spa outing into its own mini-staycation.

This Mother's Day, commune with nature.Head out to the woods for a hike this Mother's Day!

Commune with the great outdoors

Maybe your mother is most at peace when she's outside. If she's an avid gardener, consider taking her on mini-trips to local nurseries or public gardens. She could pick up some helpful tips while you get her some gorgeous new blooms. Does she love to bike? Try a lazy ride on some back-country roads. Perhaps your mother is the type who likes to disappear into nature. Plan a hike, then, replete with snacks and even picnic supplies. And don't forget to snap a few photos!

Curl up with a good book or movie

At the end of the day, encourage the special women in your life to don their favorite pajamas and hunker down with their favorite book or a movie they've been dying to see. Your role? Supply the snacks, the relaxing ambience and anything she needs: tea, blankets, a nice glass of wine. It is her day, after all.