We all need a little break now and then – especially when you’re a post-secondary student. With all-nighters writing papers, group projects, balancing a job and studying – reading break is a welcome chance to recharge and forget about those school-related stresses. Vacations can be expensive though, so a great alternative is a winter staycation! Here’s how to make sure you have a memorable one. 

Make a Staycation Plan
Just because you’ve chosen a staycation doesn’t mean your planning should be any less thorough.

  • Set start and end dates
  • Put together a budget
  • Plan out your activities for each day
  • Make an official itinerary
  • Book the time off work
  • Make sure you have travel insurance coverage (even for in-Canada travel)

Turn Off the Digital
A staycation doesn’t mean you’re more available for work, school or other obligations. You should try to disconnect just like you would if you were away on the beach. Try turning on your ‘away from email’ settings and turning off the push notifications so you can be in the moment of your experience.

Do Your Research
Even though you’re staying in your city, it doesn’t mean you can’t do a little investigating on the local sites and sounds. Check out if any special events or festivals are going on – you can even plan your whole staycation around it. Chances are there are lots of communities, food and arts you haven’t seen in your town that are waiting to be discovered!

Get Outside the City
Try to plan some activities just outside of your city. Look 30 – 45 minutes outside of where you live in all directions and plan some day trips. There are probably frozen lakes, hiking or skiing trails or mountains just outside the city limits you can explore.

Explore Canada
People travel from all over the world to check out what Canada has to offer and you should take advantage. Keep your staycation within our Canadian borders and visit one of our country’s amazing locations. Some of the top Canadian winter destinations include:

  • Quebec City
  • Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Winnipeg
  • Jasper
  • Vancouver

Getting away to a warm tropical destination has its perks, but a staycation done right can save you some cash and provide new and exciting adventures, while still having just as much fun in your own backyard! Try a staycation this reading break.