There's no better season than summer to pack up your bags and head to Calgary for some rest and relaxation. As you're planning your vacation, here are some tips to remember, as well as some places to visit and a few fun things to do:

1. Search for outside-of-the-box accommodations.

Sure, there are an abundance of hotels right near the airport, but consider looking for more urban accommodations in downtown Calgary. Staying at a hotel situated in this area puts visitors right in the heart of the city's best restaurants, theaters and shopping opportunities. Bonus: The Bow River pathway is close, Calgary Walks explained. If downtown sounds a bit much for you, though, try a quaint bed-and-breakfast.

"If you're flying into Calgary, keep your eyes open for the public art installation 'Travelling Light.'"

2. Make the city your museum.

Calgary is getting a reputation for its wealth of public art. From the "Family of Horses" in front of Calgary City Hall to the Peace Bridge and "Wonderland," which sits in front of Bow Tower, visitors can spend a whole day basking in the city's creativity. If you're flying into Calgary, keep your eyes open for "Travelling Light." While this latter piece can only be reached by car, local art curator Katherine Ylitalo told CBC that very fact makes it so reflective of Calgary, which is a "car culture."

3. Expect the unexpected.

While summer is best season to travel to Calgary (if you like sunny weather), the city is still renowned for a degree of unpredictability if the day will bring sun, rain, clouds, snow, wind or some combination therein. That being said, do yourself a favor, and bring a coat and shoes that will survive in less-than-ideal weather. Additionally, the air up there is dry, so consider packing eye drops, especially if you're used to more humid climates, suggested TripAdvisor.

4. Find some peace and quiet.

Among the hustle and bustle of the city is the Devonian Gardens. This oasis of nature was reopened in 2012 and remains Calgary's only indoor park. Filled with tropical plants and over 500 trees, you'll be able to recharge and get ready for the next portion of your trip. But don't forget to visit the living wall and its many water features!

5. Indulge in some chocolate.

What's a vacation without eating foods and dishes outside your normal everyday routine or diet? Take a page out of Willy Wonka's book, and head to the Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Factory. Yes, that's right - a chocolate factory. You can take a self, basic or advanced-guided tour during which you'll get to sample lots of chocolate, in addition to seeing how it all is made, according to the blogger Nomadic Matt.

In Calgary, there are numerous bike and walking paths.You don't need a car to get around Calgary.

6. Survive car-less.

While Calgary is known for being a "car culture," as noted above, travellers can survive without four wheels, particularly those of you who decide to stay downtown. If your accommodations are in the urban city centre, you'll find a haven for walkers, cyclists and skaters, and according to Lonely Planet, many of these pathways hug the riverbanks, making for a picturesque travel route. Additionally, Calgary also has a rail option, known as the C-Train, that is comparable in size to the Amsterdam metro (sorry, New Yorkers).

7. Travel back in time.

Before Calgary struck oil in the early 1900s and grew into a bustling city, it was a town of ranchers, cowboys and other figures out of a Wild West dream. If you're looking to tap into some of that history, head over to Heritage Park, a 66-acre living-history village. Here you'll see replicas of a fur-trading post, ranch and more, explained U.S. News. You can even catch a ride on a steam locomotive or a horse-drawn wagon. This is an especially popular place to stop for families. Your kids will love to hop on board the paddle-wheeler boat!