For many people across the country, Canada Day celebrations signal the official start of summer. You can can usually find backyard BBQs, fireworks and Canadian flags in almost every community. It’s a great time to get together with friends, family and other Canadians to celebrate our countries country’s birthday.

Canada Day 2020 is going to be different. Canadians are faced with the challenge of celebrating safely due to COVID-19, but in true Canadian spirit that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun celebration on July 1st. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate Canada Day this year while staying safe.

Host A Virtual Canada Day Celebration
We know you probably have a bit of Zoom fatigue, but celebrating Canada Day virtually is a great way to still get together with family and friends to have fun. Set a time when everyone can join online to celebrate together. Create some fun backgrounds, come up with Canadian trivia games to play or wear a Canadian themed outfit (we suggest the Canadian tuxedo – you know… all denim!).   

Take A Virtual Tour
This Canada Day, tour some museums virtually! Canadian Museums across the country have been letting people see their exhibits using virtual tours, which has been a great way to experience history and culture throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Some of the museums offering virtual exhibits include:

Create A Canadian Playlist
Nothing brings people together like music. No matter your musical tastes or your age– there’s a Canadian musician for you.  

If you want to go ‘old school’, pull out some of your favourite Canadian records or CDs for your family to listen to. From Neil Young and Gord Downie to Justin Bieber and Drake, Canadian music is so diverse. If you prefer your music digitally, then search on Spotify or Apple Music for some Canadian playlists or create some yourself to share with your friends.

Canadian Movie or TV Marathon
While our neighbours down south usually get most of the attention for movies and television, you can find great some great things to watch that were made right here in Canada.

When it comes to Canadian TV, we just seem to have a knack for funny. Have a Canadian TV marathon with some of your favourite shows. From Trailer Park Boys to Schitt’s Creek to Corner Gas– there’s something for everyone out there and plenty of seasons to binge.

If movies are more your thing, Canada has plenty of those too! Reel Canada has curated a great list of movies of all genres that are all Canadian made.

Cook Up Some Canadian Cuisine
Our country is big and diverse. That means that each province has its own unique produce, culture and traditions, which can make for some amazing food. Test your skills by making your version of these Canadian classics for Canada Day (plus some links on the history of these great treats!):

Enjoy the Canadian Outdoors
While we’re socially distancing this Canada Day, why not take the opportunity to explore the outdoors. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines in your province or territory.

One of the great things about Canada is all of our national parks. People travel from around the world to visit them. There are 48 across the country and at least one in each province or territory, that has been established to protect incredible natural spaces.

If you can’t make it out to a park, just get out on a trail in your town or city. Chances are there’s an area you haven’t explored before.

Experience the Ottawa Celebrations from Your Own Home
The big celebration that usually takes place in our nation’s capital is going online this year and there are lots of ways you can take part. You can watch the celebrations on CBC or follow on Canadian Heritage’s social channels.

Serena Ryder and Pierre-Yves Lord will host both daytime and nighttime celebrations featuring musicians from across Canada and some fireworks of course! You can also enjoy virtual celebrations in towns and cities across the country. 

COVID-19 has changed the way we do things in almost every area of Canada, but if you think creatively, you can find ways to celebrate too. We hope these tips will help you enjoy celebrating Canada’s 153rd birthday!