What do you think of when you hear the word bored? It’s probably something negative, but it shouldn’t be.

It’s what our kids yell and complain about from the backseat during a road trip, because when you’re young it’s seen as the opposite of fun. We’re also taught that boredom is bad from a young age and that ends up following us as we grow up.

When you’re older it’s often seen as being lazy, especially in our fast-paced workaholic culture.

Think about it. When was the last time you were bored? It might be hard to think of a time. We’re so connected with our tech, screens and Wi-Fi that it’s hard to be bored these days.  

But we’re here to tell you to embrace the boredom! Take a look at three benefits of allowing yourself to be bored once in a while.

1. Makes You a Goal Getter
One of the first things you should ask yourself when you’re bored is – ‘why?’ Being bored helps us realize that what we’re doing isn’t challenging us and maybe it isn’t what we’re meant to be doing.  When you realize you’re ‘drifting off’ ask yourself what made you do that? Because it may be your mind’s way of telling you you’re not doing what we should be doing and you’re not doing what you’re passionate about.

From there, let that boredom flow! This allows us to daydream about what we’d rather be doing and think about our future. We can set goals about what won’t make us bored and we end being more productive.

2. Improves Mental Health
We live in a busy world. With technology, it is hard to ‘turn off’ and step away from being available. Always being engaged strains our mental health and can make us depressed and exhausted.

Being bored allows us to escape for even just a few minutes. This isn’t the same as relaxing with a yoga class, massage or scrolling through your Instagram feed, but actually letting your mind wander freely. This allows our brain to recharge and betters our overall mental health.

3. Boosts Creativity
It might seem strange, but boredom can make you really creative. What do you do when you’re bored? You let your mind wander. You daydream. This is where your mind can come up with some of your most original ideas by putting things together and allowing you to make innovative connections. Need a creative boost? Take the time to become bored and see where your mind goes.

Boredom needs to make a comeback in our lives. It makes us more creative, healthier and productive – not lazy or disengaged. So, the next time your kid tells you they’re bored, tell them – good! Or the next time your mind starts to wander, resist turning on that screen and make sure to take a little time to daydream.